Tutorial 3

Let's direct a Robot character to run across the canvas, wait for a second and then say something. The first few steps are the same as for Tutorial 2. The result will look this, but animated.

Let's begin.

Step 1: Load Images

Populate the canvas with images. This can be done by clicking on any image in the library or importing from your computer. This will dump the images into your canvas. We will choose Robot from the library. Save it. After this your canvas should like this.

Step 2: Arrange

Arrange the images. To do this, click on Arrange, then resize and or drag the images to where they need to be. Save it. Now your canvas should like this.

Points are only needed if you want the characters to move somewhere. Here the Robot has to move, so we create points. Click on Show Points, then Add Points. Then click on the Canvas to add a point. Now your canvas should like this.

Then click on Done to hide the points.

Step 3: Direct

Write your direction script. Note that we are adding a line for the delay.
Robot run to Point P1 in 2 seconds.
Wait for 1 second.
Robot say "Hi master. What should I do?"

Check the script by clicking Check Script. Then go ahead and play it. The robot will run across the canvas, wait for a second and say.

Congrats. You have made a character move across the canvas, wait and say. You can play with the created clip here.

Tutorial 4