Mission Statement

Making animation fun and easy.

About Company

We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our founders have lived and worked in India, Australia, USA and China. This gives us a strong international, multi-cultural perspective. And an eclectic, creative edge.

About The Founders

Sridhar Ramasami
Sridhar is a US citizen of Indian origin and has lived in China for about 15 years. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and has a Master’s degree from the University of Delaware, USA. He has over 20 years of IT experience. He handles software.

He is also an artist. He has done a 10 month, 8000 kms hike of the Eastern Contintental Trail which runs from Cap de gaspe, Quebec, Canada to Key West, Florida, USA.

Suriyan Narayanan
Suriyan Narayanan is a US citizen of Indian origin and lives in San Francisco. He did his Bachelors and Masters degree at the Indian Institute of Technology. He has worked for IBM and Oracle for about 20 years. He was instrumental in the early days of the company's founding.

Qin Hong
Qin Hong is a Chinese citizen and did her Bachelor's degree in International Business. She has extensive experience in company registration, accounting and taxation. She also has retail experience in restaurants and hair salons. She handles administration and sales.

Company Stage

We are a rapidly growing startup and have participated in Y-Combinator's StartupSchool.

We are open to Investment. Contact us for info.