An EZ animation maker for dummies!

ToonClip is a very simple to use basic animation tool that lets people with little know how make videos.  Although animations are powerful and engaging, they are difficult to produce. It’s our aim to make it easy to create them online.  Consequently, it uses no codes or formulas.  Additionally, scripting uses simple English sentences.

Try it out. Change the meme below ...

Exploit The Meme
Modify the script below and click play.

Change the script and click Play

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Example directions     Images Available:

Where can I use the animations?

ToonClip’s online animation software allows you to easily create professional animated videos for
  • promotional videos
  • memes
  • language learners
  • personalized greetings
  • bulk customized animation software for newsletters
It is a new no-code movement in the animation world.

ToonClip lets you create videos easily with our library of templates, sounds, props, and so much more. So, it is great for achieving higher conversion rates for your marketing team, creating more attractive content for your Twitter stream or just wishing your spouse a Happy Birthday in a special way. 

To create, just
  • choose the backgrounds, props and characters you want in your animations by clicking. 
  • Then, resize them by dragging and dropping.
  • Finally, script in simple English sentences.
  Its the perfect animation editor for dummies like you!

Check out some of the animations created by our users

Create your own version by clicking on EDIT

How do I use the animations?

The animation can be exported as Gifs, MP4 or WebM files.

Gifs have the advantage of playing automatically on any page and not requiring any players. The resulting video files are more suitable for longer playing animations and for platforms that accept such format such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...

So, export from here and add it to any of your social media or communications.