Bulk Animation API

Animations catch the eye. You are James. You open an email and instead of just a wall of text, you see the below animation.

Special. Personalized. More engagement. More sales. Better relationships...

We offer this via our APIs.

How it works
You create an animation on Create variables for the text you want to personalize. eg.

Hi $_$clientName.

Supply us with a list of the values for the variable. We will run a batch process to create the animations and let you know when its done. Then just call the API in the form.

https://toon clip/1be05af368?clientName=Jason

and you will receive the animated Gif that you can include in emails, blogs etc.

You can test out the above call with different clientName. (A couple of spaces have been introduced in the API link to prevent Bot attacks. Remove them and use). For the demo, the Gif is created on the fly and will take approx 15 seconds. In practice, the Gif will be pregenerated and will be available instantaneously.

We charge a Gif generation fee of 50$ and 1 cent per API call for animations with our logo and 1 cent per API call for without. So if you have 5000 customers and you create a marketing campaign. It will cost you

50 + (0.02x5000) = 150$

for with logo and

50 + (0.01x5000) = 100$

without logo.

Questions And Customization:
Contact us.