Release MVP and server crashed due to traffic

I posted this on Hackernews and got so much traffic, it crashed my server twice.

Being an artist and a software engineer, animation has always fascinated me. One of the ideas I have toyed with, is creating a simple cartoon animation with
  • my 3 year old daughter as the main character
  • Trump as the bumbling sidekick
  • me as the villain.
I have worked with animation software in the past and most have a sharp learning curve to create simple stuff. So, I created my own.

I had some requirements.

  • No software downloads.
  • Easy for everyday folks to use
  • Animation direction using simple English sentences
  • Produced animation should be exportable and importable

I used the Dilbert character as a demo. Copyright is owned by Scott Adams.

The animation is done by everyday English sentences, so modifying it is very easy. The animation script is below:

Wait 2 seconds.
Boss say "Your idea wont work because others have already tried it and failed."
Dilbert say "Others have tried different things that simply remind you of my idea."
Wait 2 seconds.
Dilbert say "I mean, you remind me of a rodent, but that doesnt prove you like cheese."
Boss say "I love cheese."
Wait 1 second.
Boss say "Anyway, why is there a Santa near you?"
Dilbert turn_forward.
Dilbert say "To demo sprite movement."
Santa run to point P1.

I posted this on HackerNews and got so much traffic, it crashed my server twice. Submission here

Its a fun project. Let me know your thoughts, especially on who the potential users are and how to get them.