Bulk Animation

Are your newsletters not getting attention? Not connecting?

Animations grab attention. Personalized animations grab attention AND connect.

Next time send James, your newsletter subscriber something that begins with a customized animation like:

James is hooked. Of coure Brenda would receive an animation that starts with “Hello Brenda”, Phil’s would be “Hello Phil”...

A brewery catering a younger audience would have something like:


Create your animation with placeholders.
Hello $_$client. Our limited edition holiday etched bottles are back.

Supply us with the values for the placeholders.
James, Bob, Vikas, QinHong

We create the gifs that you can include in your newsletters.
wine-james.gif, wine-bob.gif, wine-vikas.gif...

With personalized animations, anything is possible. Use ToonClip to raise awareness, promote events, update supporters and thank those who matter the most.

ToonClip makes it easy to engage your audience, drive events and enrollment, raise awareness and funds, and turn first time clients into life-time supporters.

As if by magic, you can now make a single animation truly personalized for all by automatically adding a recipient’s information like their name, location, designation and more.

+25 %

Sales Lift

+20 x


-65 %

Cost Per Lead

Suitable for customers, donors, visitors ...

We charge a Gif generation fee of 20$ and 1 cent per image for animations with our logo and 2 cents per image without the logo. So if you have 5000 customers and you create a marketing campaign. It will cost you

Without ToonClip Logo:
20 + (0.02x5000) = 120$

With ToonClip Logo:
20 + (0.01x5000) = 70$


For a free trial or if you have any questions.