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Move, resize images by clicking in canvas above
Reorder images by dragging below (only Desktops)
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Show Points
Points are more advanced and are needed in 2 cases:
  • You want text to appear in certain locations
  • You want images to move to certain locations
In such cases add the desired points to the canvas.

Check the Tutorials for more details.

Text Templates:

Show Cameras
Cameras are different views. You can create a camera and then zoom or pan to it.


Example directions
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How Do I?

Click Load Images | Canvas width, Canvas height
Click Load Images | Background color
Click Load Images | Title
Click Load Images | Load From Your Computer
Click Load Images | Click on any image in the library
Click Load Images | Go to Images Added | Click X on the image you want to delete
Click Arrange | Click on the image and drag
Click Arrange | Click on image and drag the edges
Click Arrange | Go to Images Added | Click on the eye icon
Click Arrange | Go to Images Added | Drag the image to the position you want
Click Direct | Go to Images Available | The Available Actions for each image are listed
Click Arrange | Click Show Points | Click Add Points | Click on the canvas to add Point | Click Done
Click Arrange | Click Show Points | Click on Point | Click Delete Point
Click Arrange | Click Show Points | Drag the point to new position
Cowboy say "Hi there."
Cowboy move to Point P1 in 3 seconds.
Wait for 2 seconds.
Display heading "Directed By Spielberg"
Display text "This is example text" at Point P1 for 2 seconds.
The Action Script for this is "Clear stage."
Cowboy disappear
Cowboy appear at Point P2. Point is optional. If not specified the character will appear at the location it was placed.
Open the Create/Edit/Clone Images section. Click on Show Cameras, then Add Camera.
Open the Create/Edit/Clone Images section. Click on Edit icon for the Camera you want to edit, then drag to edit on the canvas.
If you want to Zoom "Zoom to Camera1". You can also use Pan or Cut instead of Zoom. Pan and Zoom work the same where the change is animated. However, cut does not have the camera change animation. Instead it is a sudden jump.